Our History

He travelled to Pakistan in 1975, where he watched the construction of a 280-tonne capacity dhow, a ship that was 100 tonnes larger than the average dhow on Dubai Creek. Mr Majid got hooked on the idea of the mega-dhow and soon secured his first contract for a 300-tonne capacity dhow.

Mr. Majid Obaid Juma Bin Majid Al Falasi

Mr Obaid’s father began an apprenticeship at the age of nine in the mid-1940s after he was withdrawn from school for fighting too much with the other children. “My grandfather decided to take him out because he had a lot of energy. He put him in some work where he could take his energy out.” The 1950s were the final days for the sailing of dhows in the Gulf and he travelled to India and East Africa as a master carpenter on a trade dhow, overseeing repairs as it sailed the Indian Ocean.

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Majid Obaid makes it clear from the beginning that he is not building the largest dhow in the world for prestige, but for his father, Obaid Majid.


Mr. Obaid, the company’s chairman, hopes it will set a Guinness World Record. “Its carrying capacity is approximately 6,500 tonnes, which has, like, never, ever been done by anyone.”